Development and Web Sites made easy

Development Services

Veracity Sense is a software consultancy business which specialises in making the process of creating web sites and software as painless as possible by working closely with our customers to understand their needs. We always use language you can understand and plan small project milestones so you can see your project growing. We like to involve customers in the process and get feedback early and often so you are happy and in control and know the project is going the way you need, even if it needs to change direction half way through!

How We Work

Part of our process is the use of a short delivery cycle where we build projects in short stages or sprints and deliver these reguarly and encourage feedback. We know that software and web projects can be daunting and you don’t always know ahead of time exactly what you want. By creating a short feedback cycle we can keep projects agile and adaptable to change, not rigid and costly to move course.

Getting in Touch

We would love to hear about your project and talk about how we can help. You can get in touch by emailing or checking our other Contact Details